Brauer, Lon

About the Artist

I came out of school as a painter and had plans to make it as a painter, but truthfully I had no idea what that meant.  I was a child.  While scrambling for work I found a position with a major photography studio. I ultimately turned that into a career.  Painting had to wait for a time.

But nothing is static and nothing stays the same.  Photography changed with the advent  and overwhelming acceptance of digital capture. The shooting is the same but the needs of the clients have changed drastically.  The timing of the shift in the industry, however, proved to be most advantageous for me.  I could paint again with serious intent.

In 1998 I pulled out the paints, spent time relearning the vocabulary of painting, and soon transitioned my career to the fine arts.

I currently live and work in Granite City, IL – just across the river from of St. Louis.  Under the roof of Lon Brauer Studios, I actively engage in plein airevents, art fairs, and gallery showings throughout the US and in the UK.  I teach drawing and painting and exhibit in various venues and galleries.  And, of course, still do photography as it comes.

We are the sum of our experiences.

Available Works