About Us

Photo of Elizabeth Hellsten and Susanne Clark
Elizabeth Hellsten and Susanne Clark, Owners

Elizabeth Hellsten’s deep appreciation of art began in childhood while watching her sister paint.  After some wanderlust was sated, that appreciated led her to a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design.  It was during this time that she began picture framing as a way to off-set some college expenses.  Discovering a talent for the artistic designs combined with the mathematical calculations and craftsmanship, she decided to pursue this as her career.  In early 2015, Elizabeth attained the Professional Picture Framers Association’s highest designation of Master Certified Picture Framer, one of just 75 at the time.

Susanne Clark began a love of art at an early age when she would draw with her grandmother, a self-taught artist, in west Texas.  Due to the rural area, Susanne’s formal art education did not begin until she moved to Austin, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas.  For the last decade she has served on the executive board of The Coppini Academy of Fine Art, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the promotion of classical, representational fine art.

Harlequin Great Dane Photo
Remington, Part-Time Gallery Dog


Remington, Official Greeter and Part-Time Gallery Dog, enjoys meeting fellow art aficionados while giving them guided tours throughout the gallery.  Due to his size, and occasional exuberant personality, he only works on Wednesdays, provided that his schedule (and mom) allow.

As you can see we are pet friendly, and all well mannered creatures are welcome.